The Millennium Development Goals in Guyana

In 2000, at the United Nations Millennium Summit, 189 world leaders adopted the Millennium Declaration and agreed to collective commitments to overcome poverty through a set of eight mutually reinforcing interrelated time-bound goals (MDGs) with related targets.


The MDGs synthesize the goals of 1990s global UN conferences and provide an accountability framework and global partnership for progressively eradicating poverty in all its dimensions. The MDGs are at the forefront of the global development agenda and represent the international community’s commitment to eradicate poverty by 2015.

Guyana has maintained steady progress towards the Millennium Development Goals over the years. Guyana has advanced in its efforts to reduce hunger, increase access to social services and benefits, improve enrollment in and completion of primary education, increase empowerment of women and achieve environmental sustainability. However, the pace of progress may be insufficient to achieve some of the targets for 2015.

The challenges facing Guyana in its quest to achieve the MDGs are significant. The prospects of achieving all the Millennium Development targets will be vastly improved with the resumption of sustained economic growth and its effects on household income, revenue generation and public expenditure outlays. Improved data systems will also improve the capacity to measure progress in future years. The broader political and civil climate will remain critical in creating a conducive environment to encourage greater capital investment in the country and slow down the outward migration of critical professional and technical skills.

The UNDP Country Office in Guyana is supporting the Government of Guyana by building capacity to monitor progress of its development strategy. This includes supporting the Bureau of Statistics and statistical units at the line ministries by strengthening capacity to collect, analyze and disseminate key economic and social data and building capacity in monitoring and evaluation at the Office of the President. This support is expected to enhance the quality and focus of the PRSP and the progress reports, including MDG reports.

The eight goals are: