• Guyana achieved universal coverture in antiretroviral treatment (more than 80% of people in need accessing the drugs)
  • Guyana is about to eliminate mother to child HIV transmission (5 babies infected in 2012).
  • Mortality due to AIDS dropped from 9.4% to 3.6% in the last ten years.
  • AIDS cases dropped also but the number of HIV infections remained the same for the last 10 years.
The Millennium Development Goal 6 The Millennium Development Goal 6

Main Areas:

  • Coordination: UNAIDS works with MoH and other line ministries to develop a better coordinated HIV National Response; HIV Strategic Plan (HIVision2020) about to be launched in early August 2012.
  • Advocacy: UNAIDS provided strong support for civil society organizations interaction with Government, principally focused on the key populations under higher risk: mn who have sex with men (MSM) and sex workers (SW), apart from miners and loggers.
  • Technical Support: through the UN Joint Team on AIDS, which comprises all UN agencies (each one with specific roles), UNAIDS has provided continuous technical support on key areas as strategic planning, HIV prevention, mother-to-child transmission, human rights and other important related areas.

Main challenges:

  • HIV and AIDS sustainability: Guyana needs to develop a sustainability plan for the next few years, to decrease the dependency on international grants and funds (principally coming from the Global Fund for HIV, TB and Malaria). For that purpose, Guyana needs to improve the domestic contribution for the HIV national response.
  • Stigma and Discrimination: Guyana needs to eliminate S&D through vigorous inter sectorial actions, involving, Government, Parliament, Civil Society and the private sector, removing the punitive laws against same sex relations, establishing good guidelines for access to services and respecting, protecting and promoting human rights as the way to end AIDS in the country.
  • Gender injustice: Guyana needs to promote and implement a gender-balanced agenda, involving boys and girls, women and men, to decrease gender-based violence (GBV), adolescent pregnancy and HIV vulnerability, and to promote responsible parenthood, HIV effective prevention and positive prevention.

The UN supports the GoG by providing technical assistance through our global network of expertise. UN support is demand driven and guided by the Guyana UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2012-2016 which was developed jointly with the GoG

- The workplan of each UN agency is focused on contributing to the achievement of the MDG Goals