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GRIF Funded Eco-tourism Project Boosting Rewa’s Community Development

The landing area at Rewa Eco-Lodge The landing area at Rewa Eco-Lodge

The Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) is being implemented through the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Finance is provided by the Kingdom of Norway through the Guyana Redd+ Investment Fund (GRIF).

The project provides GYD $5,000,000 to indigenous communities to start a community business venture that will offer a service, create employment and invest the profits into other sectors that will benefit the entire community.

Rewa village has invested GYD $5,000,000 in its Community Development Eco-tourism project as a means of expanding operations to better cater to the needs of its clients and boost its village economy.

Rewa is located approximately 50 miles up the Rupununi river, an hour and a half boat ride just off the Kwatamang Landing in North Rupununi, Region 9. A small village with a population of 309 with 59 households, it is home to predominantly Macushi indigenous peoples who are heavily dependent on the environment as their means of sustenance and livelihoods.

Imagine the breathtaking view of gigantic mountains; thick forests; caiman spotting, Arapaimas (the largest fresh water fish in the world), various species of birds in different sizes and colours (it’s like a bird sanctuary undiscovered), monkeys chattering, howling baboons and fresh clean air. The Rewa Eco-lodge is definitely a place to experience biodiversity and ecosystems conservation at its best!

The community is equipped with basic infrastructure and facilities such as a church, health post, Nursery and Primary schools, a playground, dug-out wells for water supply and solar power; Rewa has also found a way to boost its village economy through the establishment of its Eco-Lodge in 2002 with funding from other donors.

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