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United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2012 - 2016

A Document of the Government of Guyana and the United Nations Country Team - August 10 2011

The UNDAF is a knowledge product of the UNCT and the GoG that is intended to guide the joint and individual technical cooperation of the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes for the period 2012 – 2016. This strategic framework is derived from the analytical examination of national conditions, challenges and national responses contained in the CCA.

For this programming period, the development agenda is driven mainly by the LCDS and the PRSP II and to some extent by the National Competitiveness Strategy, the Constitutional Reform Plan, the National Health Sector Strategy, the Agricultural Development Plan, the Guyana Food and Nutrition Security Strategy, and the Education Sector Plan. Out of these Government Papers, a number of development themes, around which the work of the UN system in Guyana could be structured, were identified and assessed. This led to the formulation of four thematic papers, focused on: Environment and Sustainable Development, Inclusive Growth, Inclusive Governance, and Human and Social Development, and jointly prepared by the GoG and the UNCT. The CCA reviews the prevailing national conditions around each axial theme, identifies the associated challenges, national development goals and potential areas for development cooperation. After an intensive period of interaction with the GoG, the UNCT identified those areas in which it has a comparative advantage and could therefore make the greatest impact, fulfilling its mandate to focus on the MD/MDGs and other internationally agreed development goals and treaty obligations, and in so doing contribute to the development of Guyana.

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