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IOM Policy Brief - Migration and the Millennium Development Goals

Document Summary:

Although migration is not an MDG, migration can have an important impact on the achievement of the MDGs. For example, migrant remittances are more important than official development aid, and despite the global economic crisis, remain the second largest financial flow to developing countries after foreign direct investment. “Social remittances” – the skills, know-how, networks and other less tangible resources that migrants contribute to their families and communities – also have a direct impact on the prospects of individuals and their extended families in achieving development targets. Therefore, there is a strong case for factoring migration into plans to achieve the MDGs.


IOM’s position is that migration needs to be better incorporated into all development policies and programmes, including the MDGs. Ignoring the linkages between migration and the achievement of the MDGs is likely to make it harder to actively harness migration’s beneficial effects and mitigate its negative consequences. Strategies to enhance the positive impact of migration on the achievement of the MDGs need to be developed. This paper provides some examples of the linkages between migration and the MDGs, and suggests a number of concrete steps which could be taken to ensure that migration is better incorporated into plans to achieve the MDGs.

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