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On Monday, May 12, 2014, a project aimed at supporting the Government of Guyana through South-South policy dialogue on policy options for reducing poverty, supporting cottage and linkage industries in selected rural communities and identifying and enhancing alternative coping strategies for the poor was signed during a simple ceremony at the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Boardroom.
Funds from a Chile programme aimed at boosting South-South cooperation are to be used to craft Guyana’s eco-tourism marketing strategy and help the poor and vulnerable in communities rich in eco-tourism potential develop sustainable businesses. Tourism Minister, Irfan Ali said that US$80,000 of the US$200,000 grant would be spent of developing the strategy to push Guyana as a nature tourism destination. Noting that Guyana’s eco-tourism is community-based, he said Guyana and Chile would collaborate in conducting a joint assessment “on what we have here and what needs to be done as against what the best players are doing.”
UN Resident Coordinator Khadija Musa speaking at a symposium held at the International Conference Centre by the Human Services Ministry to mark International Women’s Day. Musa said the daily headlines of dreadful, unceasing acts of violence speak to a society marred by broken and dysfunctional families, adding that strong familial relations are the bedrock that can create a huge dent in the crime situation. “Women can change the situation since character and behaviour begins at home. When we have young boys amid our families; we must educate them to respect girls and women as well as themselves. If they don’t…
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