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This report analyses how Guyana performs with respect to each pillar, assessing strengths and weaknesses. A national perceptions survey focusing on 9 of the 17 pillars enriched the findings. The report hopes to stimulate debate and provide an evidence base for policy reforms towards a conducive environment for sustainable enterprises in Guyana.
This report adopts a market systems approach to analysis by focussing on bottlenecks and constraints in the supporting functions and rules to target high growth, high potential value chains. By addressing constraints in these supporting functions and rules impact can be a) more sustainable by addressing structural issues that prevent the private sector from thriving; and b) more wide spread by creating the conditions for other private sector actors to benefit and grow.
A key outcome of Guyana’s Ministry of Business’ Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is to “increase value added production and exports through the development of a National Export Strategy and an Enhanced Quality Infrastructure”. In order to achieve this goal, the government of Guyana has asked the ILO to support an analysis of its vegetable and fruit sectors to identify growth and export potential, seeking to address the underlying constraints that might hinder productivity enhancement and sector growth. This sector selection report recommends two target value chains (mango and hot pepper) based on their potential for inclusive growth. Using a market system…
This Rapid Assessment is part of a South-South Cooperation initiative funded through the Brazil-ILO Cooperation Programme, within the context of the ILO’s Regional Initiative: Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labour (RI). The assessment was undertaken with the active collaboration of the Government of Guyana, and in particular, with the Ministry of Social Protection.