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Human Development Reports

The annual Human Development Reports published by the UNDP have long recognized the need for national baseline data disaggregated by characteristics such as region, gender, income groups, age and ethnicity, to supplement their annual series, as very often national averages can conceal as much as they reveal about what is happening in a particular country. This Guyana Human Development Report is an effort to fulfil this need. The Report is by design, a state-of-the-data analysis of the situation with regard to human development in Guyana. In pursuit of this it has raised a number of policy issues and indicated priorities…
The 2014 Human Development Report — Sustaining Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience — looks at two concepts which are both interconnected and immensely important to securing human development progress. Since the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) first global Human Development Report (HDR) in 1990, most countries have registered significant human development. This year’s Report shows that overall global trends are positive and that progress is continuing. Yet, lives are being lost, and livelihoods and development undermined, by natural or human-induced disasters and crises.
The Rise of the South:Human Progress in a Diverse World Report Summary:  The 2013 Human Development Report, The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World looks at the evolving geopolitics of our times, examining emerging issues and trends and also the new actors which are shaping the development landscape. The Report argues that the striking transformation of a large number of developing countries into dynamic major economies with growing political influence is having a significant impact on human development progress.