Guyana United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2012 - 2016

Society develops by organising all the knowledge, human energies and material resources at its disposal to fulfill its aspirations. This UNDAF as crafted by the UNCT and the GoG fully recognises the Guyanese citizens not only as the source, but also as the primary motivating force for development. The results framework through which the United Nations Country Team will operationalise its support to the further development of the Republic of Guyana sets as its common goals strategies which will:

  • enhance the awareness and comprehension of people so that they are better able to influence and determine the direction of economic, social, environmental and political change;
  • enhance the efficiency, productivity, innovation, creativity and organizational capacities of the Guyanese people in order to realise the national potential, and
  • provide them with a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, and facilitate their enjoyment of their resources.