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Common Country Assessment (CCA) - Guyana 2011

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This Common Country Assessment (CCA) sets the context for the second United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Guyana, for the period 2012 –2016. It articulates the programmatic and strategic situation on critical aspects of Guyana’s development agenda, to facilitate cooperation between the Government of Guyana (GoG) and the United Nations. For this programming period, the development agenda is driven by national policies, strategies, and plans, such as the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), the Poverty Reduction Strategy II (PRS II), the National Competitiveness Strategy, the National Health Sector Strategy 2008-2012, the Agricultural Development Plan, the Guyana Food and Nutrition Security Strategy, and the Education Sector Plan, and the Stamp It Out program (against sexual and domestic violence), in the framework of the internationally-agreed Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The process of preparing the CCA was agreed with the Ministry of Finance, the GoG interlocutor for the CCA/UNDAF process, and after a sensitization workshop held in July 2010 to build awareness and national consensus on the process, information gathering started in September 2010. The Government identified 4 thematic areas that would form the basis of the new UNDAF: Environment and Sustainable Development, Inclusive Growth, Inclusive Governance, and Human and Social Development. This led to the formulation of four thematic papers, focused on the areas identified.

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