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Secretary-General's Message for International Day of Peace, 21 September 2017

On the International Day of Peace, we reflect on the cruel price of war.

Ruined schools. Bombed hospitals. Broken families.

Refugees searching for hope. Countries in crisis.

The United Nations was born from a terrible World War.

Our mission is to work for peace -- every day and everywhere.

No group interest, national ambition or political difference should be allowed to put peace at risk.

On this International Day, we call for a global ceasefire.

We must never -- ever -- stop pressing for an end to armed conflict.

Peace is the right and the desire of all people.

It is the foundation for progress and well-being – happy children, thriving communities, and peaceful, prosperous countries.

Let us pledge to work together – today and every day – for the peace we all yearn for and deserve.

António Guterres


For more information visit the United Nations Observances page.


International Day of Peace - Video message from the Secretary-General
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