Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework

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Priority Area 3 - A Safe, Cohesive and Just Guyana

The priority area A Safe, Cohesive and Just Guyana acknowledges that insufficient citizen security restricts the people of Guyana to live full and productive lives. This has an impact especially on women, youth, children and other vulnerable groups. It acknowledges conditions that will promote security and rule of law as well as addresses the root causes that perpetuate violence, including attitudes, vulnerabilities and lack of access to justice. Within this priority, the UN will support member States to adhere to international, regional and national commitments to ensure that all persons can live free from harm within the public and private spheres.

Final outcomes for the United Nations Multi-Country Sustainable Development Framework

1. Equitable access to justice, protection, citizen security and safety reinforced.

2. Capacities of public policy and rule of law institutions and civil society organizations strengthened.