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UN Guyana Media Awards 2015

news 20150921 1Guidelines for Submission of Entries To The United Nations Guyana Media Awards 2015

Click here to download Application Form and full guideline.

  1. An entry/submission of work must have relevance to any of the 11 local health or social development issues outlined below:
    1. HIV and AIDS
    2. Human Rights
    3. Food and Nutrition Security
    4. Involvement of Youth and Women in Agriculture
    5. Health
    6. Child Protection
    7. Youth and Adolescent Development and Participation
    8. Sexual and Reproductive Health
    9. Adolescents and Youth
    10. Environment
    11. Poverty and Governance
  2. Winning entries will demonstrate exceptional ability in increasing awareness across any of the thematic areas. They must also underscore the media’s potential to analyze situations and to keep developmental concerns on the national agenda.
  3. Work has to have been published, or broadcasted nationally or widely disseminated (including via the internet) between January 1, 2015 and October 2, 2015.
  4. Not more than three entries per contestant in each category can be submitted.
  5. Each entry must be accompanied by:
    1. Print entries: Six copies of each entry reproduced in the original format, colour and size in which the entry first appeared in the print medium must be submitted with a completed Entry Form. This also pertains for entries submitted in the online category.
    2. Radio entries are submitted on CD with a ten second countdown prior to the start of the programme. Six copies of each entry must be submitted with the application form.
    3. Television entries are submitted on DVD (“mpeg” or “avi” format) on Minus R DVD (not mini DVD or tape) with a 10 second colour bars or countdown prior to the start of the programme with an application form.
  6. All broadcast entries (Radio and TV) must state clearly on the outer case the Name of the Entry, the Name of the Entrant and the duration of the entry. A synopsis of the submission (no longer than one page) must be included and a statement on the expected or reported impact of the publication is an advantage (this requirement is listed on the application form)
  7. Entries/work must clearly be entered under the Print, Radio, Television or Online categories and this must be identified as specified on the application form.
  8. A single prize will be awarded in each category for each medium for a news story.
  9. Submissions must have been published, broadcast or widely disseminated on a recognized, registered media organization in Guyana.
  10. Entries must be submitted by 4 PM or 16.00 hrs on October 2, 2015 to:
    United Nations Guyana Office, 42 Brickdam and United Nations Place and should clearly state on the envelope “United Nations Guyana Media Awards”.
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