Opening remarks at the Government of Guyana/UN Midterm Review 2014 delivered by Ms. Khadija Musa - Resident Coordinator

Write on Wednesday, 18 June 2014 Published in Messages from the Resident Coordinator

khadija-musaI would like to welcome you all to this two and a half year progress review meeting of the Guyana United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF for short).
The UNDAF was developed through intensive consultations with national counterparts and signed in 2011. It brings together 9 UN agencies to address key development challenges in Guyana and covers the years 2012-2016.

The UNDAF and the programme included therein builds on the expertise that different UN agencies can offer to Guyana, both by those that have offices in the country and by those who are outside the country. In that sense, it brings the global expertise and knowledge of the UN to Guyana.

The UNDAF is based on a few key premises:

  1. The UNDAF is a joint endeavour with the country. It can only succeed and achieve the planned results with continued national ownership and leadership. That is why the Framework was developed jointly with the national authorities and in partnership with other national stakeholders. That is why it is anchored in the National Development Strategies and action plans and draws from the various national and sectoral strategies that address key development challenges in the country.
  2. The ultimate goal is to help the people of Guyana achieve better lives.

I thought it important to touch upon these premises once again before we start this review of the two and a half years of implementation of the Guyana UNDAF.

Before we start going through the UNDAF review process in detail, I wish to note that most agencies have developed and commenced implementation of their own country programme documents and action plans.
Our goal in today's meeting is to do four (4) things:

  • Assess progress towards achieving expected outcomes.
  • Assess the continued relevance of expected results.
  • Identify resource gaps.
  • To make recommendations for resolving implementation challenges that are impeding progress, where necessary.

I would like to thank everyone, all agencies, the UN Country Team, all staff, and also all our counterparts who took part in the consultations and other review work.

Now what does the Review tell us. The details will follow in the presentations later this morning but, there are some common points that I would like to share with you.

After intensive review, we believe that the UNDAF is still aligned to the country priorities as outlined in Guyana's National Development Strategies.

Many results have already been achieved but, since we are only still mid way, there is still much to be done. Greater efforts will be needed to ensure strengthened joint collaboration, monitoring and reporting on the UNDAF; increased rigor and wide ranging partnerships will be needed to fast track the achievements of any lagging MDG goals as we enter the last lap to achieve the MDGs.

As the UN, we are committed to enhancing our efforts to achieve greater coherence, reduce duplication, and continue to provide high quality technical services to our partners.

We look forward to a session of learning and sharing with you this morning.
Thank you so much again.