Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework

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Priority Area 1 - An Inclusive, Equitable and Prosperous Guyana

UNMSDF Priority 1The priority area An inclusive, equitable and prosperous Guyana builds on the core SDG concept of equitable development for all “leaving no one behind” as a prerequisite for prosperous and sustainable societies. This implies promoting social and economic inclusion in an equitable way through access to education, decent work opportunities, the promotion of entrepreneurship, and improved social protection. It demands economic development from a human centered perspective that can respond to the specific factors that have affected the ability of Guyana and the Caribbean to remain competitive, taking into consideration issues such as brain drain and limited fiscal space to support technological innovation.

Final outcomes for the United Nations Multi-Country Sustainable Development Framework

1. Access to quality education and life-long learning increased, for enhanced employability and decent and sustainable economic development.

2. Access to equitable social protection systems, quality services improved.